How to restore the Paperbark Collection in Garden Story

Rebuild a vast collection of texts.


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Once you’ve reopened the library, you’ll learn from the cheerful vegetables that run it that you need to restore the collection of books there. Luckily, they’re all linked to the Paperbark tree and are therefore easy to regrow. All you have to do is restore the texts yourself. This guide covers how you do that.

How to restore the Paperbark Collection

Restoring the collection is fairly simple, though it won’t seem so at first. You need to deposit one of every resource you come across in the game. This includes twigs, pebbles, rocks, Crystal Lens, Sap, rocks, branches, and much more.

Walk up to the Paperbark, and you’ll see that it opens. You need to interact with it to bring up the menu. This is where you can see all of the resources that you’ve deposited so far. It’s a finicky system and requires you to have the item in your inventory when you want to deposit it. With this in mind, make sure that you check what you have in storage before you head out to collect a resource for the collection. There’s a chance you have some lying around.

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you’ll need to advance the story to find all the resources required to restore the Paperbark Collection fully. You can find around 30% in the first main area, but after that, you’ll have to move on and tackle the wider adventure to bring more books to the people.