Where to find Sap in Garden Story

Watch out, it’s sticky.


Screenshot by Gamepur

During your time with Garden Story, you’ll be asked by inhabitants of The Grove for various items and services. One of the items that you’ll need to become familiar with is Sap. This item can be used to repair buildings and has some other properties as well. However, it’s not easy to find the first time you’re asked for it. This guide covers how to find Sap and how to provide it to those who need it.

How to find Sap

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be given a hint as to where you can find Sap once in the game. It’s a product of overgrown stumps, but not all of these stumps will drop Sap. Instead, you’ll have to walk up to as many as you can find and hit them until they break. This can take a few hits depending on Concord’s strength.

You can deposit Sap in any of the shared resource boxes around the world. As long as you deposit the requested amount, you’ll complete the job you need it for. You can track this in your inventory. If the job still says incomplete after you’ve deposited all of your Sap, then you know that you need to deposit more.