Where to find Crystal Lens in Garden Story

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The inhabitants of The Grove will request all sorts of things of Concord throughout your time playing Garden Story. Sometimes they’ll want you to hunt for Sap, and others, they’ll request that you kill as many enemies as possible. For certain tasks, you’ll need to find Crystal Lens, a rare item that can be used to complete favors for certain characters. This guide covers where you find Crystal Lens and what it can be useful for.

Where to find Crystal Lens

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Crystal Lens is one of the resources that drops from smashing glass jars. These wash up on the beaches around The Grove, and you can smash them with a few hits, depending on Concord’s strength. Unfortunately, they don’t always drop Crystal Lens, and if they do, it will only be a single unit. The more common resource that you’ll get from glass jars is Glass.

If you see a glass jar that’s washed up on the short and has some purple liquid in it, beware. These are filled with Rot, and an enemy will spawn when you smash it. You won’t get a Crystal Lens for killing that enemy, so it’s worth leaving these glass jars alone if you don’t want to fight.

Crystal Lens can be used for a few different things, but it’s very useful early on in the game in a favor for Maraschino. They need two Crystal Lens to repair their goggles so that they can see properly. So find two and deliver them, and you’ll complete this favor in no time at all.