How to upgrade equipment in Garden Story

Make a better version of Concord.


Screenshot by Gamepur

In Garden Story, you can upgrade just about anything, whether that’s the town’s individual buildings, Concord’s skills, or the equipment it uses. But the game doesn’t explain the best way to go about getting better equipment, which is why we’ve put this guide together.

How to upgrade equipment

Upgrading equipment has a few levels to it. First, you need to upgrade the local town and shops by completing the daily tasks you’ll get each time you complete a day. The more of these you complete, the higher the level of the town will be. Once it reaches level 2, you’ll unlock much more powerful upgrades for Concord’s equipment.

There are two shops in the central hub, and these are the shops offer upgrades for both Concord’s jar and their weapons. First, you can upgrade Concord’s jar to increase the number of healing charges it has. This works similarly to how the Estus Flask works in the Dark Souls franchise. The more you upgrade it, the more charges you’ll have, and the longer you can fight a boss for.

Upgrading weapons will benefit Concord in two ways. First, it makes their weapons stronger, allowing them to kill enemies faster. Second, it can enable Concord to interact with new objects in the world. Of course, you’ll have to work your way through all the available upgrades and experiment to find out just what these new interactions are.