How to rob a bank wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask in BitLife

Hide your identity.

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There are several crimes you can choose to commit in BitLife, and many of them force you to put your life on the line. If you want to finish some of the challenges the BitLife developers create for you. Unfortunately, you’ll need to undergo the risk to receive the best results. For The V Challenge, you’ll need to rob a bank wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask. Here’s how you do it in BitLife.

You can choose to commit a crime underneath the Activities tab. You’ll be able to do this anytime, so long as your character is above the age of 18. For example, in the crimes tab, you’ll have the option to rob a bank at the very top. When you choose to rob a bank, there are four unique options available to you: The bank you’ll rob, the weapon you’ll use, the disguise you’re going to wear, and your method of escape.

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To rob a bank wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, the most important thing for you is to make sure your disguise is as the Guy Fawkes mask. However, you won’t always have the option to wear this every time you rob a bank. You may need to hit the Age Up option a few times before it appears, and it can take a bit of time for it manifest.

The other methods shouldn’t matter as much when it does, especially if attempting to complete a task. But if you want to make sure you get away, think about your getaway vehicle and the weapon you’re going to be using during the robbery. These can be worthwhile adjustments to ensure you don’t get caught by the cops.

After you’ve robbed the bank, regardless if you were caught or not, you’ll have completed the specific task. If you do get caught, you might want to hope you have a bit of money for a team of lawyers to protect you from going to prison.