How to rob a train in BitLife

It’s time to make some serious cash.

Image via Candywriter LLC

When it comes to making easy money in real life, the phrase “crime doesn’t pay” comes to mind. But in BitLife, the reverse is true. Sure, you can do things the “right” way by being an honest citizen, working your way up to the top with hard work and determination.

But sometimes, and for some people, they’ve got no time for that. They need cash and they need it now. In times like these, becoming an outlaw is the way forward. For those looking to turn to a life of crime on BitLife, you have a number of choices.

However, one of the easiest ways to make a huge amount of cash fast is to rob a train. Typically, you can make millions of dollars in a very short space of time, and the risk is fairly minimal as you generally won’t get caught waiting for a train to rob. You’ll just look like a normal passenger after all.

To attempt to rob a train, head to the Activites menu on the right side from the main hub, and then from there, head to the ‘Crime’ option. At the very bottom of the Crime option list, you should find the option to ‘Train Robbery’. Tapping on this will present you with the menu shown below.

Image via CandyWriter LLC

Actually making an attempt to rob a train, though, is a more difficult task. It is not as simple as picking a time that you want to rob the train and doing it. The premise for robbing a train is that it uses realtime, meaning that when you can rob a train is linked to the time on your device. There’s no mini-game linked to it, it’s a simple case of tapping the ‘Rob it’ button at the time that you pick.

The options for times to rob a train are sunrise, high noon, 4:20pm, sunset, and midnight. Other than 4:20pm, there is no set time exactly for each one, but you must be close to your local time for each event. If you time it correctly, you can take a train pocket some serious cash. The train to rob typically has no bearing on difficulty but can vary the amount of cash that you will receive.

Previously, it was possible to amend the time on your device to a particular time, such as 4:20pm, and manipulate this to work. However, it has since been patched to try to prevent this, and attempting it can cause your BitLife character to die to a moving train, so attempt it at your peril!