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How to romance Mercy in Loverwatch

Love is flying in the air.

Mercy is unquestionably one of the most beloved heroes in Overwatch 2. She has a very large fanbase of players who can’t get enough of playing as her. If given the chance, there are likely tons of people who would like to romance Mercy. Lucky for you,  the dating sim Loverwatch is here, letting you get closer and receive her love. Here is how to romance Mercy in Loverwatch.

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How to get Mercy to love you in Loverwatch, the Overwatch 2 dating sim

To romance Mercy in Loverwatch, you will need to make the right picks in the proper situations. While there are a bunch of times when your choices don’t matter, a few instances rely heavily on her feelings for you. If you fail to get her love in the end, she will only offer you friendship. Here are the choices you should take to romance Mercy.

Once you start the game, of course, you need to choose It’s Mercy to have her be your love prospect.

When you first notice her and talk to Cupid, none of your choices here matter. You can completely fail the Mercy quiz and it will have no effect on what happens the rest of the game.

When you get on stage to tell a joke to her, again, choose whichever one you want, it doesn’t matter, but “Why doesn’t the surgeon like operating on elbows?” will get her to laugh. When she approaches, say hi. Your choices here won’t matter; she will ask you on a date in Monte Carlo.

In Monte Carlo, Mercy will arrive late. Say Happens to the best of us when she arrives. When it is time to order food, select Order the bircher muesli, and she will absolutely love your choice. When you are told by Cupid to start a conversation, select ask her about her hobbies and what being a hero feels like. After asking her about being a hero, say I need you, Angela.

Your next date will be volunteering to help people in Cairo. Mercy will come and offer you coffee. Drink it enthusiastically. When Ana appears and asks who you are, select Date. I’m Angela’s date.

Hanzo will reappear after a little bit and asks if you are ready to see how your journey ends. Say you are ready, and Mercy will come and ask you to follow her. Accept Mercy’s love, and you will get the final screen and rewards for completing this part of the game.

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