How to save in Edge of Eternity

To save anywhere or not to save anywhere?

Edge of Eternity

Image via Dear Villagers

Most RPGs have one of two save systems. Either you can save anywhere, or you’re locked to specific save spots, usually visualized as beams of light or crystals. Edge of Eternity offers both; however, one of those options isn’t explicitly stated through the game’s tutorial.

The most straightforward way to save is through the predetermined save locations the game teaches you. If you just start a new game, you’ll come across a tutorial prompt discussing the save portals around an hour in, indicated by blue markers on the minimap.

However, there’s also the other common JRPG save method. The ability to save anywhere is possible, but it requires some slight digging. You must pause the game and select the interface and difficulty submenu from the options. This screen offers multiple settings to tune the difficulty and play experience to your liking. The toggle to save anywhere is at the bottom of this screen, which is off by default.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once enabled, a save menu now shows up on the pause screen underneath the options menu. Enabling this doesn’t disable any trophies or achievements or alter the gameplay experience. It is a pure quality of life feature for those that need it or want it just for convenience.