How to save in Recompile

Saving is not convenient

Image via Dear Villagers

Auto-save has become such a standard in the gaming industry as players feel rest assured that their progress is safe. In Recompile, however, it isn’t that easy. While manual saving isn’t a thing in this game, you’ll need to keep in mind that your progress is at risk unless you know how the game works. This is how to save in Recompile.

In your digital adventure, you’ll find backup points throughout each level that will keep your save safe. When you walk on one, it will glow in yellow and will tell you through the UI “System Back Up Created.” Once you see that message pop up, you’ll know your progress has been chronicled into the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, as these come few and far between, you’ll have to traverse through a significant part of the level to save your progress, especially in Hex Maintenance. We had to do the entire Hex Maintenance section again because of this lack of foresight, so beware. There is no way to save the game through the game’s menu, and unlike most games in the current era, auto-saving is not an option.

Without saving, you may forget the steps to find the air jump or your first weapon if you have to play through the same sections again. Make sure you set 30-45 minutes of your time to play Recompile or you’ll have to backtrack a lot.

Try to use the Xbox Series X/S’ handy Quick Resume functionality that lets you play three games at once if you have either system. If you get bored, you can easily go back to it whenever you’d like. It will even work if the console is unplugged.