How to save in Sons of the Forest – save location guide

Never lose your progress again.

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Imagine you built a nice little base in Sons of the Forest, cooked some meals for the day, and found some unique loot, but got killed by a cannibal while exploring. This won’t frustrate you that much — until you realize your progress wasn’t saved. This will make you regret all the hours you spent wandering around the forest gathering supplies. To prevent facing such a situation, here’s how you can save in Sons of the Forest.

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How to save your game in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you can’t just open the menu to save your game whenever you like. Furthermore, the game has no auto-save feature. After all, what kind of a survival game would it be if it had one? Instead, you need to manually save your game every time you make a little progress. Thankfully, making process isn’t difficult — you just need to know what to build.

To save your game, you first need to build a shelter. For this, you need one trap and two sticks. The trap can be found in the crates that are scattered around the area where you start the game. If you forgot to loot them in the first place, don’t worry, as you can go back there. While looting them, you will pick up the trap. As for the sticks, you can find them on the ground throughout the forest. Alternatively, you can use the Axe from your inventory to chop small trees and pick up sticks from them.

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Once you have gathered the supplies, open your inventory and equip the trap. Now, place it on the ground by left-clicking. Then, interact with the front two corners of the trap to place the sticks and build the shelter. If you move close to it, you’ll see an option to save the game by holding the ‘E’ key and sleeping by holding the ‘Z’ key. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the trouble, you can instruct Kevin to build a shelter for you. However, we suggest you do it yourself to get the hang of the crafting process.