How to build doors and gates in Sons of the Forest

Enter and exit your home with ease.

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Crafting is a big part of Sons of the Forest. When you find a place you want to settle down and defend, you will build yourself a home. You may even turn that home into a fortress. When it comes to crafting a home, you need a way to enter and exit it. Thanks to the free-flow crafting system that allows you to place logs, stones, and sticks wherever you want, it can be difficult to build some of the most basic structures. This guide will show you how to build doors and gates in Sons of the Forest.

How to craft doors and gates in Sons of the Forest

Creating entranceways can be a bit tricky in Sons of the Forest since the game doesn’t give you an exact method of crafting them. You only get the most basic recipes like how to craft a fire. Crafting a doorway starts with building a wall. Walls are crafted by stacking six horizontal logs on top of each other. If you need help gathering the logs, don’t be afraid to command Kelvin to take on the task while you do the building.

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Once you have the wall built, walk up to it with your axe equipped. This will cause red lines to appear on the individual logs. Hold the left mouse button when you see the red lines around the center portion of the logs. Use the axe to cut out the center pieces of the first five logs and leave the top one intact. This will create the frame of the door. Now, you need to work on making the door itself.

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For the door, you will need two logs. Once you get the two logs, bring them over to the doorway that you created. When looking into the doorway, you should see a vertical line that appears and separates. Click the left mouse button to split a log and place it in the doorway. Do the same thing with the second log to finish the door. You can also split the logs beforehand by hitting them with your axe while they are on the ground. Crafting gates work in a similar way with small logs or large ones depending on the size of the wall you are crafting.