How to sell ammo in Fallout 76

Why sell to a vendor when you can be a vendor?

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As you wander the wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76, you will undoubtedly come across a bunch of ammo that you don’t need. After all, most people tend to stick with one or two types of ammo throughout their playthrough and don’t need to mass amount of Energy Cells or 10mm ammo that they pick up. What exactly do you do with all of this extra ammo? You could always sell it for some extra Caps.

How to sell ammo

If you were hoping to be able to sell your ammo to any of the vendors sitting around the wasteland, you might be sad to learn that you can’t. The vendors only sell ammo and won’t buy it from you. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell any part of that ammo pile you have amassed. Instead of selling to the vendors, you will sell to the other players.

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In your camp, you have the option to build a Vending Machine. This allows you to turn your camp into a shop for those who happen to visit. Once you build a shop, filled it with all the ammo you wish to sell, set the price, and wait for the other players to come and purchase the ammo.

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What else to do with ammo

If you changed your mind about selling your ammunition, you could just change it into another type of ammo. This is done using the Ammo Converter, a special item that you can get from Mortimer in Crater for 1,250 Gold Bullion. Place one of these in your camp and you can turn your ammo into points. Those points can then be spent on ammo that you will actually use and not just leave lying around in your stash box.