How to sign up for the Nightingale beta playtest

The beta starts in 2022.

Nightingale guide

Image via Inflexion

Nightingale was one of the surprise reveals at The Game Awards 2021. The stylish trailer showcases both the game’s story and its gameplay, indicating that it will be a shared-world multiplayer survival game akin to Valheim but set in a much more original gaslamp Victorian setting. Players will be able to explore the game’s outlandish environments solo or together with friends (and strangers). Nightingale is pretty far in its development cycle and will soon hold alpha and beta playtest periods, which players can sign up for already.

Those who would like to participate in the Nightingale alpha and beta playtest can put their name on the list right away by heading to the game’s official site and entering their email addresses in the sign-up form. The first playtest period for Nightingale will begin in 2022, and anyone who signs up will be notified closer to the playtest’s start date. Note that Nightingale will be available only on PC at launch, so console players will have to sit this one out.

We anticipate the alpha and beta playtests will be closed, though the game’s multiplayer nature is a good sign that the playtest groups should be fairly large. Sometime between these playtests and its official release date, Nightingale will also have an early access period.