How to slide cancel in Call of Duty: Warzone

Gain an edge over other players with slide canceling.

Have you noticed your favorite Twitch streamer bobbing up and down in Call of Duty: Warzone, almost like a cross between bunny hopping and crouching? No, it isn’t a new dance: it’s “slide canceling,” a simple trick that can give you a tactical advantage over your opponent in more ways than one. A simple button combination can cancel the sliding animation.

Normally, the sliding animation forces you into one single direction and prevents directional movement, all for two to three seconds. Players with any amount of skill can easily predict your movement and follow up with a clean headshot. Slide canceling breaks the animation and, ultimately, you. As you come out of it, aiming down the sight becomes snappier.

It’s common for players to tactical spring into a slide. After coming out of it, there’s a short cooldown before you can tactical sprint again. But if you slide cancel after using your tactical spring, you can run back into a tactical spring. It becomes virtually unlimited.

Start by opening Options and heading into Movement. Under Behaviors, set Slide Behavior to Tap. If you’re using a controller, head into Options, then Controller. Slide Behavior is found under Movement. Slide canceling relies on a string of button presses, and holding the slide button in impedes the combination.

With your new settings, enter a custom match. Pick a direction and sprint, press Sprint + Sprint + Jump, whichever buttons you’ve mapped to Sprint and Jump. The timing between each button press is about half a second. Press too soon and you crouch; press too late and you jump. You can slide cancel about a third of the way into your slide. After 10 to 15 minutes of practice, you should have slide canceling mastered.