How to slide step in MLB The Show 21

Make a quick delivery.

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Dealing with fast baserunners in MLB The Show 21 can be a big pain. Quick ballplayers can use their electric speed to move from base to base with ease and make the game for the opposing team a nightmare. Fast baserunners can be an even bigger problem if the pitcher that you are using has a slow windup out of the stretch. Slow deliveries only give baserunners more time to run, and thus, more time to swipe a bag.

Outside of continuously throwing to the base and/or pitchouts, using a slide step can be a useful tool. A slide step can be used in lieu of a traditional stretch delivery, and it’s essentially a quicker delivery to the plate. It’s also something that you might want to get familiar with if you are struggling with opposing baserunners. If you need help with the slide step in MLB The Show 21, we’ve got you covered.

To use a slide step, a runner will have to be on base in order to use it. To get started, select a pitch and then prepare to settle into a delivery. Before beginning the process of throwing a pitch, press and hold LT for Xbox, or L2 for PlayStation. Then, press A/X if you are using meter pitching, or use the right stick if you use Pinpoint pitching. You should notice that the pitcher will throw the ball in a quicker motion.

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Slide steps can be effective, but it is risky, particularly if you are using Pinpoint. Because slide stepping means that you will throw to the plate faster than usual, this means that you will need to act a bit quicker with the right stick and/or A/X. If you’re not on point, this could lead to the ball going to a spot where you might not want it to go.