How to sneak past enemies in Stealth Mode in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Don’t let them see you.


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In Blue Reflection: Second Light, the need will sometimes arise for you to enter Stealth Mode. This is activated with the crouch button and transforms the vibrant world into black and white, highlighting only the vision cones of your enemies. However, even in this mode, it can still be tricky to avoid enemies, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you sneak past them.

Watch where they’re looking

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The first thing you’ll notice about Stealth Mode is that it reveals your enemy’s vision cone. This is the area in which the enemy will see you. As long as you stay out of it, they won’t spot you or attack you. So if you want to avoid enemies or sneak up on them and get the first strike, you need to stay out of the red area. Look to sneak around it in any way you can because you’ll be spotted and attacked otherwise.

Find alternate routes

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There are ladders that you can climb up or crawl spaces you can get into under buildings. These open up alternative pathways to new areas that avoid encounters with enemies. If you’re desperate to avoid a fight, then use these alternate routes to your advantage. While some enemies are unavoidable, you can dodge most by looking for the secondary pathway.

Survey your surroundings

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When you reach a high point or where you can see many enemies from, take the time to watch their patrols. You should be able to see points of cover where you could pause, wait for an enemy to move, and then sneak past. Sometimes, this is the only way to get through a group of enemies. When in doubt, find a good vantage point and see what those enemies do.