What are Requests in Blue Reflection: Second Light?

Help out your fellow Reflectors.


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The story in Blue Reflection: Second Light plows on and drags you with it. There’s no way you can miss it. However, there are smaller stories and side quests in the game that you might miss if you don’t pay attention. This guide will explain what Requests are and why you should try to complete all of them that you come across.

A cross between bounties and side quests

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Occasionally, you’ll notice that some characters around the school have a question mark above their heads. You can also track this in the school map by checking any floor or room that has a question mark indicator next to it. Speaking to these characters will reveal a new dialogue option with the word “Request” next to it.

Selecting this dialogue option will bring up a new mission screen for a side quest. This side quest is specifically for this character and will award you Talent Points that you can use to unlock new abilities for that character. Early on, Requests take the form of resource gathering or battling certain enemies, but they get more complex as the game progresses.

Accepting and fulfilling Requests

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You can accept a Request from the mission screen. To complete it, you’ll need to visit the character once you’ve fulfilled the requirements, such as gathering three Baloon Cabbages or defeating five enemies.

The reason you should complete Requests is that they award Talent Points. These can be spent on the character you get them from to upgrade their health, damage output, or support Ao in some cases. It depends on the role of the character you’re upgrading and what level your characters are. Needless to say, the more Talent Points you have, the more you can upgrade each character.