How to Solve All Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2

There are multiple Nursery Rhymes you can find in Bright Falls while playing Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you how to find and solve them.


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There are multiple Nursery Rhymes that you can find while playing Alan Wake 2, which require you to solve a riddle whenever you find one. There are numerous for you to track down while exploring the area of Bright Falls.

Each Nursery Rhyme has a unique riddle attached to it, and you’ll need to use the dolls you find throughout your playthrough to solve them. Some of these riddles may require you to find a nearby doll you have to use, changing the world around you. Here’s what you need to know about how to solve all Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2.

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All Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes & How To Solve Them in Alan Wake 2

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There are only a handful of Nursery Rhymes you need to track down in Bright Falls for your Alan Wake 2 playthrough. When you discover one, there will be a riddle at the center of it, and you’ll need to decipher the riddle, using the dolls you’ve collected along the way. The dolls need to be placed at the appropriate location surrounding the riddle. You might find a few while looking for the Cult Stashes of the Lunch Boxes hidden throughout the small towns.

When you complete the riddle, the world will change around you, and you’ll have to search around for the changes. The best way to track them down is to find the distinct, black liquid that appears on the ground after you complete each one, which should lead you to a charm. These charms are exclusively available for Saga in Alan Wake 2, providing unique passive bonuses that can change up her gameplay.

These are where you can find each Nursery Rhyme in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2, and how you solve them.

Nursery Rhyme LocationNursery Rhyme SolutionDollsDescription
Nursery-Rhyme-location-1-at-Bright-falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Nursery-Rhyme-1-solution-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Child and MonsterYou can find this Nursery Rhyme inside the Ranger Station on the south side of Bright Falls. You’ll need to get inside and place the Child doll on the house and the Monster on the candy symbol.
Nursery-Rhyme-location-2-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Nursery-Rhyme-2-solution-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Monster, Child, and MotherYou can find this Nursery Rhyme on the beach, close to the southern area of Bright Falls. You need to place the Monster on the wave symbol, the Child on the rings, and the Mother on the boat symbol.
Nursery-Rhyme-location-3-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Nursery-Rhyme-3-solution-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Mother and MonsterThere is a Nursery Rhyme on the pier right before you return to Bright Falls from Bunker Woods. You need to place the Mother doll on the waves at the top, and then Monster on the boat symbol.
Nursery-Rhyme-location-4-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Nursery-Rhyme-4-solution-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Child and MotherFor this Nursery Rhyme, you only need to worry about two dolls. You can find it on the edge of Bunker Woods, on the north side. Place the Mother on the house symbol, then the Child on the tree symbol.