How to solve Chapter 5’s Boat Puzzle in Trek to Yomi

Don’t sink.

Hiroki rides in a boat

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Toward the end of Trek to Yomi’s fifth chapter, you’ll discover a small boat atop a broken bridge. To get to the next area, you’ll have to raise the water level, and then ride the boat up to an elevated surface. But if you’re not careful, Hiroki will drown, and you’ll have to restart from the last shrine you saved at. Here’s how to solve this deceptively simple puzzle.

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When you first arrive in this area, there will be two major things you can interact with: a rope tying the boat to a post and a button that will activate a water fountain. To proceed with the puzzle, go interact with the rope first; Hiroki will cut it, and the boat will no longer be tied down.

Hiroki stands next to a tied-down boat
Screenshot by DoubleXP

Now, hit the button on the right, and the water fountain will activate. This will cause the water level in the surrounding area to rise, meaning that if you don’t board the boat, Hiroki will drown. As soon as you hit the button, walk up the ramp and stand inside the boat.

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As the water rises, the boat will carry Hiroki up to an elevated platform. Leave the boat, and you will have completed the puzzle. It’s worth noting that there’s a shrine just past where you get off the boat. Seeing as how Trek to Yomi doesn’t have an autosave function, we recommend you save at this shrine immediately after completing the puzzle so that you don’t have to go through it again if you get a game over.