How to solve the A Bird In The Hand puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s lit.

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Hogwards Legacy is full of puzzles. You’ll have to solve them to unlock treasures, open doors, access secret areas, and even during quests. During the “A Bird in the Hand” quest, which is about rescuing Snidgets from poachers, you’ll have to put your puzzle-solving skills into practice. This quest can be pretty confusing at first glance. You’ll see three pillars and a door with seven lit-up symbols staring right at your face, and might not be able to tell what to do. Let’s find a solution to get past that door.

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How to solve the Moonstone Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy?

Remember to greet Dorran the centaur at the entrance. He’ll ask if you’ve brought a pivotal item to solve the puzzle: the Moonstone. Place the Moonstone on the pedestal right in the middle of the circle. The entire puzzle should light up right after you’ve placed it. Now, it’s time to play with light and darkness, as Poppy will point out after several minutes of standing around if you’re having trouble. Your goal is to open the door. For that to happen, you must cast a shadow on the symbols on the circle to match the ones on the door. You’ll need to use both magic and the environment to get it right. Besides the pedestal in the center, there’s another set of pillars: an outer and an inner pillar. You’ll use Accio to move these pillars around and cast a shadow on the correct symbols.

First, you should move the inner pillar to the bottom half of the circle. For reference, the pedestal should cast a shadow on the snowflake symbol. Then, you should cast Accio on the outer pillar and move it toward the top half of the circle. This one should cast a shadow on the circle symbol with a dot. If you’ve cast the shadow on the correct symbols, the door will open, and you’ll be able to continue your quest with Poppy.