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How to solve the clock tower door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Pay attention to the swing of the pendulum.

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with various puzzles and secrets for you to discover, obtain, and solve. Sometimes completing the many puzzles takes a little thinking outside the box. One such puzzle is in the clock tower where you can find the dueling club. There are various doors that look as though they should open but don’t This guide will show you how to solve the clock tower door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to open the mechanical clock tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy

Early on in the game, you will get invited to the Crossed Wands Dueling Club which resides in the clock tower on the castle grounds. Inside this tower, however, you can find much more than a friendly duel. If you take a look around the area, you will see various locked doors. One of these doors has iron bars blocking it that open and close rapidly. Unfortunately, you can’t open this door and the others like it for quite some time.

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In order to open these iron-barred doors, you first need to progress through the game to the point where you have unlocked the Alohamora spell which is taught to you by Mr. Moon. You will also need to get the Arresto Momentum spell. Once you have both of these spells, return to the clock tower. Start by unlocking the two locked doors in the dueling club room.

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With both of those doors unlocked, you will be able to get through the tower and find all four of the iron-barred doors. To open these doors, you will need to line up the swing of the pendulum with the symbols on the floor of the clock tower. Later on, you will need to align the symbol with those that appear on the pendulum arm. When the pendulum lines up with the symbol that is on the door you are trying to open, use the Arresto Momentum spell on the pendulum to slow it down and open the door. With this puzzle solved, you can move on to the bell tower puzzle.

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