How to sort your inventory in Sons of the Forest

Keep your tools close, and your weapons closer.

Holding the Backpack to quick swap in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot by Gamepur

Developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight, Sons of the Forest is a direct sequel to the developer’s previous title, The Forest. Tasked with searching an island haunted by creatures of the night for a missing billionaire, the player can either go in solo or team up with friends via a co-op mode, crafting the tools and resources you need to make it out alive. The game’s controls may be a tad confusing as they differ slightly from those of its predecessor, but they are intuitive enough and players will get the hang of them quickly. Here is how you can access your inventory in Sons of the Forest.

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How to open your inventory in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can access your inventory by pressing the “I” button on your keyboard, or pressing down on the D-Pad of your controller, which will make your character lay out every item they own on the screen. The Inventory will allow you to quick swap some items, which allows you to quickly equip a tool or weapon. Other items such as food and medicine will simply be consumed if you select them from your inventory.

Items in your inventory will be sorted automatically when you access the interface, with multiples of a particular item being placed together in the same pile on the ground. From what we can see, the location of the items is constant, but there does not appear to be a way to change the way items are sorted, or the location of item stacks, as you can only move resources to be crafted, equip tools, or consume food and medicine. While this does standardize inventory stacking and makes it easy to quickly navigate through their inventory when referring to guides, the lack of customization may also be a deterrent for some players who enjoy having their inventory laid out in a certain way.