How to speed up queues in Tower of Fantasy

Speeds the name of the game.

Image via Hotta Studios

Getting onto a server in Tower of Fantasy isn’t always smooth sailing, and if you’re playing at peak hours or the launch of a new event or story, you’ll probably find yourself stuck in a queue. These queues are actually much less intimidating than they might initially seem. If you are trying to join a popular server, you might see a starting queue time of 24 hours or more, so the question becomes, is there a way to make queue times faster? The answer is a little complicated.

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Speeding up queue times in Tower of Fantasy

There is no good way to speed up a queue time on its own, but you can ensure you spend the shortest amount of time possible in a queue by following a few simple steps.

  • Don’t leave a queue you’re already in. Switching between servers once you’re in a queue will only put you at the back of the line again, forcing you to wait even longer. Sticking in the queue you’ve already joined will ensure you get into the server faster. The queue time estimates are also far longer than your real wait time. Exercising patience will see that 24-hour time turns into a half hour or less as the server stabilizes.
  • Join a server during non-peak hours. Weekdays after 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM, and especially weekends, are probably the worst times for queues in Tower of Fantasy. Everyone who wants to log in for their daily and weekly content will be clogging up the pipeline —join in the morning or mid-day for shorter wait times.
  • Join green-status servers in your region. Every server in Tower of Fantasy will have one of four colored nodes in the server list:
    • Grey = Undergoing maintenance
    • Orange = Server is popular
    • Red = A significant queue
    • Green = Server is stable and easy to get into

If it’s your first time logging in, choose a server with a green node. Once you’ve decided on a server to make your home, use the above two tips to optimize your wait times.

It’s impossible to speed up your queue time on your own, as you’re instead reliant on server stability and population; getting into a server is all a matter of patience.