How to start Episode 3 in The Division 2

The new episode takes you to Coney Island

The Division 2

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Episode 3 has arrived in The Division 2. These episodes add new, free content to the game to open up new missions and specializations for players. The Episode 3 segment of the game is supposed to serve as the connection between The Division 2 and the new expansion pack, Warlords of New York, where players pick up the hunt for rogue Division agent Keener in New York’s Lower Manhatten. There are also new features coming to the expansion, along with a revisit to New York.

For those interested in starting Episode 3, you want to have reached the story up to this point. The previous episodes, 1 and 2, both had additional story missions available to players. You need to have reached this point before arriving at the next step, so new players will need to work their way through The Division 2‘s end game content where they fight the new enemy in invaded missions, the Black Tusks. This group is highly advanced with better-equipment, drones, mechs, and overall firepower, making these previous missions much tougher.

When you have them available, you want to do the Coney Island Ballpark and Coney Island Amusement Park missions. These take you to the New York area for the new missions. Unfortunately, players are not able to freely roam these locations after the end of the mission, but they can do so while playing them. The missions also bring b back a new enemy faction, The Cleaners. They were an enemy in the first Division game who were previously sanitation workers, and they believe the only way to properly clean away the disease is to burn everything and everyone. The Cleaners make their return in this episode and the upcoming Warlords of New York expansion.

Everything in episode 3 is available to all players. Those with the first-year season pass have access to the content on Feb. 12. and then it becomes open to all players for free on Feb. 19. Warlords of New York releases on March 3 for $29.99.