How to start Expunge: Styx in Destiny 2

Straight to hell.

Expunge: Styx is a new activity that has been introduced in Week 4 of Season of the Splicer. In this activity, a fireteam of up to three Guardians can try to get deep into the heart of the Vex reality to collapse the systems that they are using to inflict an endless knight on the Last City.

They will need to make their way through a strange maze, then take on a powerful enemy at the end in order to remove the source of power and collapse the reality simulation.

To start the mode, players will first need to finish the first four parts of the Path of the Splicer quest. These missions can be done from the HELM and will become available each week. Most players will have been doing them weekly, so should be up to date and will only need to complete The Path of the Spicer Part IV. Start by killing enemies to gather Ether, then use the ether to create a key code in the Splicer Gauntlet. They will need to play through three different Override modes, and after the Path of the Splicer Part 4, they will have access to a new node on the Moon.

This is the node for Expunge: Styx, and players can dive in, either solo or with a fireteam. If you are interested in playing solo, we had no issues finishing it up, so most player should be just fine. You will need to work your way through a fairly simple maze, then deal with a boss fight at the end.

This Expunge level is a bit more combat-related than the last, and player will need to spend time ferrying short lived orbs of energy through an enemy filled maze, which is a lot of fun.