How to Start The Awakened King in Remnant 2

You can begin your journey into The Awakened King expansion in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you how to get started.


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The Awakened King expansion has arrived in Remnant 2, and you’ll have a chance to pit yourself against the resurrected One True King. Before you can challenge him and the madness surrounding his world, you’ll need to ensure you’ve properly started The Awakened King DLC.

You won’t be able to start The Awakened King at the beginning of a Remnant 2. Instead, you will need to reach a certain point, and then it becomes available. When you’ve completed it once, The Awakened King will randomly generate a biome for you to explore. Here’s what you need to know about how to start The Awakened King in Remnant 2.

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Where To Start The Awakened King in Remnant 2

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You can unlock The Awakened King by completing the first world you must explore and enabling Adventure Mode. Your account for Remnant 2 should unlock Adventure Mode shortly after you’ve wrapped up the story of the first biome you visit when you initially start the game. Adventure Mode is immediately unlocked for every character after you’ve done this, which means you can start The Awakened King with a brand new, fresh character if you’d want to give it a go.

Now, there should be an option to start a default playthrough of The Awakened King when you choose to start up an adventure mode. This is the standard way to play The Awakened King, but there are still secrets waiting for you after you’ve completed it and additional choices for you to make. Moving forward, you’ll have to randomly roll for The Awakened King to show up again in Remnant 2 after beating this playthrough at least once.

The Awakened King only appears on the Losomn map. You’ll have a chance for it to appear when you roll a new campaign, or you can try getting it again by bringing up another Adventure Mode. Unfortunately, you may have to roll a new Adventure Mode world several times with your Remnant 2 character until it appears, but it will be different than the first one you played through.

I found it easier to roll up a new Adventure Mode world when I wanted to try my hand at playing The Awakened King. Waiting to go through an entire campaign to learn that you had one of the two other maps for Losomn is a bit frustrating, but it could be fun for brand-new characters you make.