How to start the new Presage Exotic Quest in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen – Dead Man’s Tale

It’s a secret.

Everyone loves a good mystery, and Destiny 2 players are no different. There is a new Exotic Quest that has just gone live in the game but starting it will take some work.

Guardians will need to load into the Arms Dealer Nightfall strike to find a distress signal that they need to bring to Zavala. Nothing will tell you to do this, so just open the Direct and load up the Arms Dealer Nightfall.

When you first load in, kill all the enemies in the first room, then wait for a door to open. Don’t go left, instead wait for the door to the right to open automatically. Inside you will find lots of turrets. Kill them all and make your way down the hallway.

You will come to an open area that you haven’t visited since the Red War campaign. There will be a lot more turrets and a boss with a shield. Carefully take them all out, and a waypoint will appear on one of the platforms. Jump to it and grab the Distress Signal.

Finish the Nightfall, then head to the Tower to speak with Zavala. He will have a new quest for you called The Voice on the Other Side. This will begin the new Exotic Quest.

This guide is under construction.