How to start the No Man’s Sky Utopia Expedition

Rebuild an entire system.


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The Utopia Expedition is the ninth Expedition that No Man’s Sky has received. This Expedition ties in with the Fractal Update and tasks players to work together to restore a planet and an entire system. This guide explains how to start the Utopia Expedition, so you don’t get stuck playing the wrong sort of game mode.

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How do you start the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky?

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We’ve checked the game and can see that Expedition Utopia is now live in No Man’s Sky. The Expedition will last for six weeks, meaning it’ll end on or around April 5. You have until then to complete every Milestone and Phase and grab all the available rewards.

When it finally is available, to start the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky, start the game and select the single-player game mode. Instead of loading a save file, start a new one so you’re taken to the game mode selection screen. This is where you can choose from the various modes, including any Community Expeditions. Press and hold the relevant button on the Expedition option to begin your journey in Expedition 9: Utopia. You’ll begin a new save file and initialize your character as you would in any other new game.

What do you do in the Utopia Expedition?

Screenshot via Hello Games’ YouTube channel

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The overall goal of the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky is to restore an entire system to its former glory. Bakkin was an affluent system at one point in time, but now it’s fallen into decay with halted trade routes and a rotting space station orbiting the local star along with the abandoned planets. To top things off, some anomalous solar activity is preventing any player from crafting outside of their shelters or planetary bases.

You’re part of the Utopia Foundation, a group of people working together for the system’s restoration. You’ll join a grand reconstruction program and complete various Milestones that will bring the system back to life. If you complete every Milestone and Phase, you’ll unlock the Bio-Warden Companion. This helpful robot follows you about and aids you in whatever you’re trying to do.