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How to start The Secret Wilds Adventure in Sea of Thieves

We're going on an adventure!

The latest adventure in Sea of Thieves is The Secret Wilds, sending enterprising pirates on a quest to save Tasha from the curse that is slowly consuming her. The Secret Wilds continues where the previous adventure, The Rogue’s Legacy, left off. Time is running out for Tasha, but before you can set sail, you will need to start The Secret Wilds adventure in Sea of Thieves. Here is how to get started.

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How to start The Secret Wilds adventure in Sea of Thieves

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You can find all the required deeds for this adventure in the game’s menu before you begin, which should give you an idea of the first steps. Fortunately, all you need to do to start The Secret Wilds adventure in Sea of Thieves is to speak to Larinna. She’ll be waiting for you at any active Outpost, standing just outside the Tavern. When you’re able to choose a new dialogue option, click on the one that starts with BEGIN ADVENTURE and you’re ready to set sail.

Remember that once you start The Secret Wilds adventure, you won’t be able to save and quit midway through. This means that you need to complete the adventure in a single sitting, which could take up to two hours if you run into trouble finding some of the collectibles on the mission. If you do need to stop halfway through, you’ll need to start over from the beginning by speaking to Larinna again at the nearest Outpost.

When you’ve got the time, speak to Larinna and she’ll send you to Plunder Outpost, where Madame Olivia and Tasha are waiting for your help. Some nice rewards are waiting for you should you complete all the deeds in The Secret Wilds adventure in Sea of Thieves, so try not to keep them waiting too long. Tasha is running out of time, after all.

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