How to stay warm during winters in Sons of the Forest

The cold won’t bother you anymore.

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After almost a week in Sons of the Forest, everything changes as winter arrives. When that happens, you need to adapt to new survival methods, as the old ones won’t work anymore. The biggest problem you’ll face is staying warm while exploring the forest, as the coldness can negatively affect your character. Therefore, we’ve compiled a guide to explain how to stay warm during winters in Sons of the Forest.

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How to stay warm in the snow in Sons of the Forest

Get the Winter Jacket

Sons of the Forest has plenty of outfits for your character that can be picked up from various spots. However, when winter arrives, you must get your hands on the Winter Jacket. As its name suggests, the jacket is specially designed for the harsh conditions of winter, as it can keep your character warm. To get it, you must head southeast and find a campsite near a lake. You can pick up the Winter Jacket from one of the red tents at this campsite. To equip it, go to your inventory, which can be done by pressing the ‘I’ key.

Build a torch

The torch isn’t only useful when you’re exploring caves and tunnels where the visibility is zero, but it can also help you greatly during winter. When exploring with snow around, it is recommended to keep the torch in your hand at all times, as the fire coming out of it will keep your character warm. To build a torch, you need a stick and a cloth. Then, open your inventory, select both items, and combine them using the gear icon. To light it up, take out your lighter by pressing the ‘L’ key and then hold down the same key.

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Build a fire at multiple spots

It will be wise to build a fire around at multiple spots so you can always go near one whenever your character feels cold. If you have a base out in the open, keep a fireplace at each side of it. This isn’t difficult; you just need to break and throw a stick on the ground. You can then start the fire by using your lighter.