How to find the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

Something to keep you warm.

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Sons of the Forest isn’t just about exploring the forest, collecting weapons, and fighting cannibals. It’s also about surviving different weather as well. While you won’t face any issues during the regular seasons, things will get difficult when winter arrives. Without the right equipment, you can’t survive the cold. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide on how the find the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest, so you can continue exploring the forest regardless of the weather.

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Where to find the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

Thankfully, unlike items such as the Shovel and Maintenance Keycard which require you to enter caves and bunkers, the Winter Jacket isn’t difficult to find. You don’t even have to worry about fighting any mutants for it, but the cannibals might pose a threat.

To get the Winter Jacket, you must head to the map’s southwest region. You can see the exact spot in GPS in the image below. When you reach the location, you must look around for a campsite near a lake. There will be two red tents on this campsite, and you can find the Winter Jacket in one of them. Make sure to pick up everything from the surroundings as well. But remember, there is a cannibal camp nearby, and the cannibals visit this lake to drink water. If they spot you, they will try to attack you. We recommend having the Katana or the Pistol in your inventory, as these weapons can help you kill them easily.

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Now, to wear the Winter Jacket, you need to open your inventory, which can be done by pressing the ‘I’ key. Then, you need to look at the right side of your inventory, where you’ll find the Winter Jacket at the back. You can wear it if you’re out in the cold, and it will keep your character warm.