How to steal cars in BitLife

Which one should you go for?

Image via Candywriters

Stealing cars in BitLife is a bit of an art. You have to be extremely careful when picking your targets and knowing which ones to go after. If you choose the incorrect one, chances are, you’re going to go to jail, which increases the likelihood of you being caught for any form of Grand Theft Auto in the future. There’s quite a bit of profit available to you if you do after cars, but again, it’s easy to mess this up and find yourself behind bars.

When you want to steal cars, you need to go down to the Activities tab and click on crimes. From there, you’ll have the option to commit Grand Theft Auto, and then you’ll have a selection of five vehicles that you can steal. When you pick a car, your character will succeed or fail. If they succeed, the car will go to your assets, and you can choose to sell it, or you can ride around with it. If your character fails, you’ll then likely end up in jail.

The key to successfully stealing cars is all about the quality of the vehicle you pick from the list. If you select the lower quality, cheaper cars, you have a much higher success rate than if you go for the more expensive and higher quality cars. Although the more affordable vehicles don’t sell as much, it’s a good way to prevent yourself from being behind hauled off the jail. If you go to prison, you have a much higher chance of being caught when trying to steal a vehicle in the future.

It’s all about picking your targets. If you pick your targets poorly, you’re going to end up in jail. So try to think about the car selection that you have before trying to steal it.