How to record gameplay on PS5

Document your PS5 journey in a number of ways.

Image via PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 may have a different UI layout, but that doesn’t mean recording and capturing gameplay is a departure from how it is done on PS4. Thanks to the Create button, collecting footage is an effortless task. For those wanting to save videos onto a capture card, that is possible, too. Here is how to do both of these functions.

Capturing gameplay via the Create button

While in-game, you can tap the Create button (above the d-pad) to open up a menu with a variety of recording options. From here, you can choose to either start recording footage from that instant or save footage that was previously displayed. The latter is also possible by simply double-pressing the Create button in-game.

Further into the menu, you will find that you can alter how long footage is recorded for. This can be as short as 15 seconds, or you can even go as long as one hour.

How to record gameplay with a capture card

Most capture card devices previously compatible with the Xbox One and PS4, like the Elgato, will work on the PS5. To enable it for use, head to the Settings icon in the top-right of the console’s main menu. Drop down to the System tab, and then turn off the HDCP setting in the HDMI section.

Even without a capture card, you can raise the resolution of future recordings through the Capture and Broadcast option. You can navigate to this section by either going to the Settings menu or tapping the Create button. Additionally, if you’re not a fan of the default Create button shortcuts, these can be changed here, as well.