How to survive Titan Konjac poison in Tower of Fantasy

Watch out for the purple smoke.

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The Miasmic Swamp area in Tower of Fantasy is a very dangerous location filled with deadly creatures, steep cliffs, and hazardous plants. One of the plants you should be the most cautious around is the Titan Konjac. This root exudes a deadly poison that will instantly infect your character, causing them to lose health at a constant rate. Thankfully, there is a way to survive this poison for a limited time. This guide will show you how to survive Titan Konjac poison in Tower of Fantasy.

How to gain poison immunity in Tower of Fantasy

As you’ve explored the Miasmic Swamp, you may have come across a few poison areas that sap your health as you walk through them. You can tell when your character is infected by the poison thanks to the purple smoke that appears. This poison typically appears in the bottom areas of the swamp and is easy to avoid. Each poison area has one thing in common – a large root that protrudes from the ground.

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The root stands out and looks far different than anything else in the swamp like the Color Mushrooms. If you want to progress through these poison areas, you need to gain immunity to this poison. Unfortunately, this immunity only lasts for a limited time so you need to be prepared. Start by locating a Purification System. These capsules house a Revelation Seed and glow yellow when they are inactive.

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When you look at a Purification System, you will see three spinning rings with dimmed yellow markings on them. Hit the system when one of the yellow marks lines up with the glowing one starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. Once all the marks have been aligned, the line will glow yellow and the pod will turn green. Interact with the Purification System after this to make it exude a smoke that will grant you temporary immunity to the Titan Konjac poison that lasts about 30 seconds.