How to switch to your kid before dying in BitLife

Play as your kid without having to die.

Image via Candywriter

For those who have the one-timed paid version of BitLife, you can play as your kid after your first character dies. You continue to acquire all of your wealth from your first life and a handful of your other assets. It’s a great way to have a bit more fun, although you may not have as much freedom as you did with your first character because a lot of the early choices and career moves were already made by your child when they turned 18. Now, you can switch to them much earlier to start over again, without having to climb the ladder all over again. Unfortunately, you can only do it if you have God Mode enabled.

Typically, you can start a new life or become one of your kids when your primary character in BitLife passes away. Rather than waiting for this option, you can immediately shift over to any of your children, regardless of your character’s age. To make sure you receive everything when you swap to your kid, you want to place everything you own in your will to them. If you don’t, it will be distributed to all of your children, and potentially your spouse could receive parts of it. You can visit your will at the bottom of the ‘activities’ tab.

You do not have access to it outside of God Mode, which is another paid feature on top of the already one-timed purchase for BitLife.