How to tame a Kaprosuchus in Ark: Survival Evolved

It will jump scare you.

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In Ark: Survival Evolved, the Kaprosuchus is notorious for causing most of the jump-scares in the game. This small crocodilian creature has the jumping skill of an olympian athlete and loves to use it to ruin your day. Along with its ability to infect you with Swamp Fever, encountering this creature is generally a bad time for anyone. Despite the Kaprosuchus’s ability to cause heart attacks regularly, as well as ruin a new players day, they do prove to be somewhat useful. This is because they’re fast swimmers, and small targets for larger creatures to try to hit. This guide will detail how to tame the Kaprosuchus in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What the Kaprosuchus does in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Kaprosuchus is a nasty critter found lurking in swamp biomes. It’s semi-aquatic, too, so even if you might not see it, it can probably see you from under the water. It might be smaller than its cousin, the Sarchosuchus, but it is far more terrifying simply because of its jump attack. While not super useful for resource gathering, the Kaprosuchus will deliver a good amount of raw meat and hide harvesting.

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Where to find the Kaprosuchus and what you’ll need to tame it in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Kaprosuchus lurks in the swamps, waiting for a Survivor to land its flying mount or walk too close to its territory and ruin their day. They’ll run much like a terrifying dog and somehow always land their attack on you, so be careful. The key to taming this guy is to keep him in place while avoiding being pinned in his jaws and chewed to death. If you are pinned, you can punch it until it passes out, or you die. Alternatively, you’ll need the following items:

  • 1x Net Projectile and a Net Gun. You cannot bola this creature.
  • 1x Crossbow, Longneck Rifle, or Tek Bow. Remember that the higher your weapon’s damage percentage, the fewer shots it will take to knock out a creature.
  • Tranquilizing Arrows, Tranquilizing Darts, Shocking Tranquilizing Darts, or Element Shards based on your weapon.
  • Regular Kibble. Based on 1x Taming Rates, it will take exactly 9 Regular Kibble, to tame a level 150 Kaprosuchus. You can also use a Sanguine Elixir for a once-off 30% Taming meter boost. You can also feed it Raw Mutton or Raw Prime meat if you don’t have Kibble.

How to tame the Kaprosuchus in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Head to the swamp biome and make sure that you have your Net Gun in your hands as the Kaprosuchus will jump-scare you. If you don’t manage to shoot it as it’s approaching you, you may end up having to resort to fisticuffs.

If you get, it netted, shoot it with your chosen weapon until it has passed out. Remember to stop shooting once it has passed out, or you’ll ruin a perfect tame. It will also lose Taming Efficiency if you let it take any damage after it has passed out. Instead, place your chosen taming food in its inventory, and then you wait until it has been tamed.