How to tame lox in Valheim

Do you want a lox?

When you reach the Plains biome in Valheim, you’re going to need to have some of the best equipment in the game to survive out there. A notable enemy you’ve likely come into contact with is the deathsquito, but there are other threats out there, such as the fulings and the fearsome lox. The lox are large, buffalo-like creatures roaming the Plains, and if you take them out, you can harvest their meat for stews and their pelts for capes. If you’re careful and create a strong enough wall, you can tame them with the correct type of food.

Much like the boars and the wolves in Valheim, the lox are tamable. Despite being tamable, they’re likely the hardest to get under control. For the boars, you only needed to put down a wooden fence to keep them contained and then throw some mushrooms or berries at them for them to start to appreciate you. For lox and wolves, you need to lay down stone walls to keep them contained. The lox hit like a truck because they are the size of a tank, and they can potentially two-shot you if you’re not careful. Make sure to set down a stone wall to keep them in one set area, and they won’t be able to break out of this as easily.

When you have the lox you want inside the stone walls, the next step is to find barley or cloudberries. Both of these food types increase the affectionateness of a lox towards you. The entire process to properly tame a lox takes several days, so you’ll spend a lot of it tossing barley and cloudberries to them from over the wall. These animals become pretty aggressive when you get close to them, even if you throw food at them, so be prepared to repair your wall and restore your health if they ram into you.

You’ll receive a distinct notification on the screen when you’ve reached 100% with any of your lox. From there, you’ll be able to breed them with a second lox, and you can grow a large lox colony that you can farm for lox meat and pelts.

Previously, these creatures did not serve any purpose. But you’ll now be able to make use of them follow Valhiem’s Hearth and Home update, and you can now ride them.

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