How to tame the Ice Titan in Ark: Survival Evolved

Some things need to take a chill pill.

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The Ice Titan in Ark: Survival Evolved is the last of the normal Titan boss fights players can participate in. Launched with the Extinction expansion, the Ice Titan is a far-jumping, heavy damage dealer who can turn the tide in a battle. The Ice Titan fight happens in the ice biome, and players need to be prepared if they’re looking to tame the Ice Titan. In this guide we’ll detail how to tame the Ice Titan in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What you’ll need to tame the Ice Titan in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Ice Titan is the strongest of the three basic Titans. You’ll find its spawn terminal in the same place as you’ll find the Artifact of the Void. These are the items you’ll need to summon it:

  •  Artifact of the Void x1
  •   Corrupt Heart x100
  •   Spinosaur Sail x10
  •   Therizino Claws x10

You’ll also need a lot of prepared items to survive the battle, as the Ice Titan hits hard and does a lot of damage if you’re unfortunately caught up in its attacks. It’s tougher than the Forest or Desert Titan and is one of the harder fights. It also has a very annoying freeze radius which you’ll need to watch out for. Unlike with the Forest Titan, you have no wild creatures that you can use to help you, so you need to bring your own. Items such as the following can help you a lot:

  • Sleeping Bags for respawn points
  • Med Brews
  • High-tier Flak and Tek Armor with High Durability
  • Fria Curry
  • A high-tier weapon such as a Tek Bow with plenty of Ammunition
  • A high-level mount with very good stats. You can use flying creatures such as an Astrodelphis or a Lightning Wyvern. You can also try using a Managamr but ensure it has been bred out with high Stamina and has a very good Saddle on it. If you’re using ground-based tames, ensure they have high Health and high-armor saddles.

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How to tame the Forest Titan in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Ice Titan starts off with a leaping attack that can deal a ton of damage to you. Always remember that you’ll need to keep the Ice Titan alive if you want to tame it. The only way to do this is to try your best to shoot only the Corrupt Nodes and not the Ice Titan itself. This can be very difficult with the Corrupt Node on its shoulder, as the horn and shoulder will get in the way.

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There are three Corrupt Nodes you have to deal with, starting with the Corrupt Node on its right ankle, then the Corrupt Node on its right shoulder, and the last one on its chest. You can use a Tek Mek if you want but make sure you’re landing your shots correctly.

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Once you’ve removed the last of the Ice Titan’s Corruption, you can interact with it and ride it like a normal tame. It will spawn its own saddle and like all Titans, will only last 24 hours.