Where to find Extinction Artifacts in Ark: Survival Evolved

Simple but not always so easy.

Image via Studio Wildcard

The Extinction map launched for Ark: Survival Evolved was one of the first maps that added a story for players in a more current setting. Rather than just chasing down the past players of the Ark, Survivors found themselves uncovering more about what was to come and their role in it all. In this map there are three main Bosses, as well as a final end-game Boss. As with other maps, players need to collect Artifacts and Tributes to summon these Bosses, and in this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Extinction Artifacts in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Artifact of Chaos

Screenshot by Gamepur

Used to summon the Desert Titan, you can only find this Artifact on the Extinction map. To find it, you’ll have to head to the Desert biome-sphere at the top corner of the map. Once inside this sphere, you’ll have to head to the coordinates 87.1 – 70.5 to find the entrance to the cave. As with all Artifact caves in Ark: Survival Evolved, there are plenty of high-tier and formidable enemies, so you had best bring solid tame, or decent armor and weapons. You can quickly fly through this cave if your map or server has the setting enabled; however, if you’re running through, prepare to face Mantis, Athropleura, Onycs, and Titanaboas. The pathing to the Artifact of Chaos is simple; you need to follow the natural roads until the end of the cave. The Artifact is at 93.9, 88.00, right before you find the Summoning Terminal.

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Artifact of Growth

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To summon the Forest Titan, you must head to the map’s underground portion. It is located at the top left of the map, and you can either fly down or walk down the paths. The entrance to the Artifact cave is at 11.8, 39.0; a small crack in the wall will indicate you’ve arrived. Inside this cave, you will encounter a host of carnivores. Rexes, Megalosaurus, Yutyrannus, and even Therizinosaur, which means if you’re not using a flying creature, you need either a lot of weapons and excellent armor or a powerful land creature to get through. The Artifact of Growth is at the very end of the tunnels, located at 13.5, 49.2, right before the Summoning Terminal.

Artifact of the Void

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Another Extinction-exclusive Artifact is used to summon the Ice Titan. You will have to head to the Ice biome-sphere on the top right of the map. However, you will not find the entrance in the biome-sphere itself but instead at the metal base. The entry is next to a waterfall at 20.3, 62.2. Inside this cave, you’ll find Yeti, Direwolves, and some Purlovia. This cave is a little more tricky, but you should be fine if you follow the orange crystals and keep to the left side. If you fall into the water, there is an exit. The Artifact is at 13.5, 85.0 just before you find the Summoning Terminal.