How to transfer over your scores and streaks to Wordle’s new home

Wordle’s part of the New York Times now, but can you keep your stats?

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Wordle has moved to its new home on the New York Times servers following its purchase by the newspaper in January 2022. Many players were concerned about whether they would be able to carry over their ongoing streaks once the game relocated, and the move itself did admittedly cause some issues. Players reported that their streaks were gone upon loading up Wordle, and the NYT quickly made it known that they were working on a fix.

Many players were left distraught by the issue, especially those who had been playing since the game’s launch in October 2021. As such, the desire to maintain streaks and other game statistics was a strong one among Wordle’s followers.

Thankfully, the work has been done, and the solution is a simple one, which the Times shared on Twitter. In order to maintain your Wordle statistics, including your current streak of correct answers, your longest streak, and the guess distribution data, all you have to do is load up the old Wordle URL. You’ll be automatically redirected to the new Wordle page on the Times website, with stats mercifully intact. You can see them either by solving the day’s puzzle or by tapping the bar graph icon in the top-right corner.