How to turn on Arachnophobia mode in Grounded

Flamethrower not included.

image via Obsidian

Arachnophobia mode is an accessibility mode featured in Grounded. Spiders are a frequent enemy in Grounded, and Arachnophobia mode is designed to make their presence tolerable to those players who can’t stand the sight of them. This mode will provide players with various options designed to make them less scary looking without impacting gameplay balance or their power. This guide will explain how to turn on Arachnophobia mode in Grounded and how it works.

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How to turn on Arachnophobia mode

To use Arachnophobia mode, you must go into the Accessibility menu from the Options screen. The very first option there is a slider. This slider starts at 0 and can progress to 5. If set to 0, spiders will appear normal. The spiders’ details are stripped away as you slide that number higher. At level 5, pictured above, Spiders are floating blobs. This doesn’t impact gameplay or difficulty in any way. A floating Wolf spider blob will still be a threat, regardless of how simple the new look is.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Spiders are a constant threat in Grounded, and every player will have to deal with an army of them as they make their way through the story. This level of accessibility is also great practice for combating spiders, as the floating head and body represent the only spots on a spider that you can attack safely.

The slider will not interfere with your multiplayer ability to play with other people. They will still drop the parts you need to craft spider weapons and armor sets. Be mindful that spider armor may still have details of the spider that can be visually off-putting. Grab fire-based slashing weapons to make short work of spiders, floating spider blobs, and everything in between. The flaming Coaltana is a great weapon to seek out as you hunt spiders down in Grounded.