Is Grounded on Game Pass? Answered

For easy access to the game.

Image via Obsidian

Grounded is a game best played with friends. While you can go through the entire backyard survival game solo, having up to three others on your side will really help you enjoy the experience. That being said, not everyone wants to straight up buy every game their friends are playing. If everyone did that, they would be flat-out broke. Instead, can you download Grounded through Xbox Game Pass?

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Is Grounded available on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Grounded is available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC, and even can be played through the cloud gaming streaming function on your mobile phone. The small development team within Obsidian Entertainment has been slowly building the game up over the last few years in early access, but now that the game has fully launched, you can experience everything it has to offer.

With Obsidian being owned by Microsoft, you never have to worry about Grounded being removed from Game Pass. Like other Xbox Game Studios titles, Grounded is available on the service from day one, and without it having to license vehicles like the Forza games do, there is no reason for it ever to be taken down.  With that in mind, you don’t really have to ever buy it as long as you keep your Xbox Game Pass subscription active.

As stated above, while you can go through Grounded entirely solo, we recommend playing with friends. The boss fights especially can be really challenging, and we find the survival experience to just be better when you have someone to work alongside. You can travel through all sections of the backyard and build up bases so that you can overcome the trials each day brings. Work together to gather the best resources in the game like Mushroom Bricks.