How to Unlock All Characters in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting adds several new characters, but they’re far from simple for players to locate and unlock.

unlock all characters vampire survivors emergency meeting

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The Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC adds a handful of new characters for players to unlock and experience. However, they’re not simple to find, and they’re even harder to master, which is why players must pay close attention to the new map.

Unlocking items and characters in Vampire Survivors has always been a mixed bag. Some characters are simple to unlock, requiring players to locate their coffin and nothing more, while others are locked behind secret doors that no one could even guess the location of. Emergency Meeting adds many new characters, all of which must be unlocked through specific means in the Polus Replica map.

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All Characters in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting & How to Unlock Them

The table below shows every new character in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting and how players can unlock them. We’ve been as specific as possible with the requirements, so players must stick as closely as possible to what’s outlined if they want to get every character quickly.

This table is a work in progress and will be added to as we discover how to unlock more characters.

CharacterHow to Unlock ThemTips to Unlock This Character
Crewmate Dino
Gains stat bonuses every time anyone’s weapon is brought to max level.
Find and open the Coffin in Polus Replica.polus-replica-coffin-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
The Coffin in Polus Replica is located in the center of the bottom of the map. Players must head south from the starting position on the map and move between the buildings. When they find a snowy patch, they need to head left or right until they find a spot between two snowy areas. The Coffin is inside a fenced area that they can slip into between pieces of fencing.
Engineer Gino
Chooses an extra passive weapon at level two, 12, and 22.
Evolve the Sharp Tongue.impostongue-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
To evolve the Sharp Tongue, players must upgrade it and the Mini Engineer Item to their maximum levels, eight and three, respectively. After that, they’ll evolve Sharp Tongue into the Impostongue item. Once that run has ended, they will be able to purchase Engineer Gino.
Ghost Lino
Can’t be damaged or deal damage, but disappears after reaching the current Time Limit. Ignores walls.
Evolve the Lifeline Scan.Players can pick up the Lifeline Scan in any run on the Polus Replica map from the science station in the top right-hand corner. to evolve it, players must upgrade both it and the Ghost item from the map to their highest levels. Then, players must pick up a chest to complete the evolution to the Paranormal Scan item.
Shapeshifter Nino
Leaves behind excess body parts when damaged and may shift forms.
Evolve the Science Rocks.To evolve the Science Rocks, players must jump into a match as Engineer Gino and fully upgrade the Science Rocks and Mini Engineer. Then, the next chest they open will evolve the Science rocks, and Shapeshifter Nino will be unlocked at the end of the run.
Guardian Pina
May gain +1 revival when anyone revives. Increases armor and recovery of nearby characters. Ignores walls.
Defeat 1 enemy with Ghost Lino. To unlock Guardian Pina, we had to take Ghost Lino into the Lake Foscari Map. There, we found a Rosary and used it to destroy all enemies around us. This is the only way to damage any enemies as Ghost Lino, and it must be done on a map where Rosaries spawn.
Impostor Rina
Becomes stronger and briefly invincible after defeating a large amount of enemies, or an ally.
Evolve the Report!crewmate-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
To Evolve the Report, players must upgrade it and the Mini Crewmate to their maximum levels, eight and three, respectively. Then, the next chest players open will contain the Emergency Meeting, and Impostor Rina will be locked once that run ends.
Scientist Mina
Gets -10% Luck every ten levels (Max -90%). Can choose a per-level bonus every ten levels (max five times).
Evolve the Lucky Swipe.unlocking-crossed-wires-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
To evolve the Lucky Swipe, players must reach maximum level with both it and the Mini Scientist, eight and three, respectively. Then, players will unlock the Crossed Wires weapon and Scientist Mina will become available once the run ends.
Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (Max +4).
Defeat a total of 6,000 suspicious looking enemies. The suspicious-looking enemies players must kill are Imposters. They’re usually dark green and look like a Crewmate, but they have tentacles spewing out of them.
Megalo Impostor Rina
Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Impostor Rina.TBA
Sir AmbrojoeRescue Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors emergency Meeting Adventure Mode.TBA