How to Unlock All New Items in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting is packed with new items for players to collect, but it takes a while to unlock them.

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Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting adds a plethora of new content to the base game, including characters, items, and a map. But the new items aren’t that easy to unlock, requiring players to locate them on the new map and hit specific milestones.

The Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC brings several new items to the game that players can use to craft some incredible builds. Each one isn’t too tricky to find, but they must be picked up on the new map, Polus Replica, and then players have to meet a specific requirement before the item is unlocked.

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All New Items in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting & How to Unlock Them

In the table below, we’ve listed every new item in the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC and how players can unlock them. We’ve provided the most specific location we can based on areas of the map we’ve explored and have added the requirements to unlock every item, too.

This table is a work in progress and will be added to as we unlock new items.

ItemWhere to Find itHow to Unlock it
Polus Replica Map
In the map room in the building closest to the starting point on the Polus Replica map. polus-replica-map-explainer-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Players must pick up the map and complete a run in the Polus Replica map stage.
Mini Scientist
Located in the building directly below the starting point for the Polus Replica map. Players must explore until they find the large science room with various samples in. mini-scientist-explainer-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
This item can’t be unlocked, but it is found in the stage and can help create a powerful build.
Mini Crewmate
Found in the meeting room close to the center of the map. It’s right by the big meeting table. mini-crewmate-explainer-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Can’t be unlocked but does form part of the incredible Polus Replica map build.
Lifesign Scan
Found in the building in the top right-hand corner of the map. Players can reach it from the center of the map or via the lava bridge. The Lifesign Scan is inside the scientific area. lifesign-scan-item-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Players must upgrade Lifesign Scan to Level 7 to unlock it.
Mini Shapeshifter
Located at the bottom of the Polus Replica map, underneath the building down there. mini-shapeshifter-explainer-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Cannot be unlocked but is essential for mastery of the map through a superb build.
Mini Engineer
Found in the building on the bottom left-hand side of the map. It’s inside the engineering room with loads of equipment. mini-engineer-explainer-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
It’s not available to unlock, but can be found on the map and used as part of the Polus Replica build.
Mini Ghost
We found the Mini Ghost in the building just below where players start a run on the Polus Replica map. mini-ghost-explainer-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Another item that can’t be unlocked but is essential for a great build on the Polus Replica map.
Mini Horse
We only saw the Mini Horse after we’d unlocked the Horse character and played a dozen or so runs on the Polus Replica map after. This item can’t be unlocked exactly, it just spawns as a potential item after unlocking the Horse character.
Players will first find this item while using the Crewmate Dino character after unlocking them. unlocking-report-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
To unlock Report, players must survive for at least 15 minutes while using Crewmate Dino.
Lucky Swipe
Players get this item for the first time when playing as Engineer Gino.lucky-swipe-unlocked-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
To unlock Lucky Swipe, players must survive for 15 minutes as Engineer Gino on any map.
HatsWe first started seeing this weapon after we unlocked Crewmate Dino and the Horse characters. We’re not entirely sure how Hats is unlocked. We do know that we had to unlock Crewmate Dino and Horse before it started appearing for our characters.
Sharp Tongue
First seen when using the Impostor Rina character. To unlock Sharp Tongue, players must survive for a total of 15 minutes as Impostor Rina on any map.
Just Vent
First used with the Shapeshifter Nino character.To unlock Just Vent, players need to survive for 15 minutes as Shapeshifter Nino.
Science Rocks
First used when playing as Scientist Mina.To unlock Science Rocks, players must reach level 50 as Scientist Mina.

Note that unlike the Whiteout and some other Stages, Polus Replica is a paid DLC map, so players who don’t own the DLC can’t access it. Once players own the DLC, they’ll be able to jump into the map on their first and every subsequent run.

How to Evolve All Items & Weapons in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

In the table below, we’ve explained how to evolve every item and weapon in the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC. While there aren’t evolutions for everything, most items and weapons can be evolved in some way to create powerful builds.

Weapon or ItemHow to Evolve itWhat it Evolves Into
ReportPlayers must upgrade Report and the Mini Crewmate to their max levels, level right and three, respectively. Then, when they next open a chest, they’ll evolve Report into Emergency Meeting. report-evolle-into-emergency-meeting-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Emergency Meeting
This item still pushes back enemies and hits them with damage at regular intervals, but it also causes a bar with every enemy type on-screen to pop up every few seconds. The enemy type that is deemed an imposter is then killed if it’s on-screen, leaving experience for players to pick up.
Lifesign ScanPlayers must upgrade the Lifesign Scan and Mini Ghost items to their max levels, eight and three, respectively. Then, when players next open a chest, they’ll evolve the Lifeline Scan into Paranormal Scan.evolving-lifeline-scan-into-paranormal-scan-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Paranormal Scan
This item periodically provides random stat boosts for the rest of the run.
Lucky SwipePlayers need to upgrade the Lucky Swipe and Mini Engineer items to their highest levels, eight and three, respectively. After that, the next chest players open will evolve Lucky Swipe into Crossed Wires.unlocking-crossed-wires-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Crossed Wires
Causes four wires to randomly join across the screen and deal damage to every enemy they touch.
Sharp TongueTo evolve Sharp Tongue, players upgrade it and the Mini Impostor item to maximum level, eight and three, respectively. Then, the next time they open a chest, they’ll be rewarded with the Impostongue evolution.impostongue-item-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Does the same thing as Sharp Tongue but throws out more tongue lashes and occasionally creates a giant laceration across the screen that kills enemies.
Just VentTo evolve Just Vent, players must upgrade it and the Mini Shapeshifter to their maximum levels. The next time they open a chest, they’ll evolve the item into the Unjust Vent. unjust-vent-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Unjust Vent
Opens a massive vent on one side of the screen and sucks out as many enemies as possible.
Science RocksTo evolve Science Rocks, players must upgrade them and the Mini Scientist to their maximum levels. then, the next time they pick up a chest, they’ll get the Rocket Science.rocket-science-in-vampire-survivors-emergency-meeting
Rocket Science
Spawns eight cubes around the player occasionally. When players hit them in the order shown on each one, it triggers a rocket to start flying and sew flames to kill enemies. Players can prolong the flames by hitting more cubes.

While we’ve been playing Vampire: Survivors: Emergency Meeting, we crafted a build with two evolved weapons while playing as Crewmate Dino. This build was powerful enough to almost kill Death when it spawned at 30 minutes on the Polus Replica map, causing it to call for a second Death enemy to attack us.