How to unlock all Weapon Aspects in Hades

Unleash your arsenal.

The basic premise of Hades — fighting your way through the Underworld to reach the world above — sounds rather simple and surface-level, but there is so much more to be done in the game than you may initially believe.

There are plenty of secrets to uncover, plenty of characters to interact with, and even secret abilities that you can unlock for each weapon in the game. These are called Hidden Aspects, and they completely overhaul the feel of the weapons. Each one corresponds to a particular hero or historical figure and requires specific steps to be taken in order to unlock them.

Getting started

In order to start unlocking the Hidden Aspects, there are two things you have to do:

  1. You must have reached the game’s final boss at least once.
  2. You must purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor for 20 Gemstones.

After this, it’s time to start pumping Titan Blood into your weapons, and you will need at least five in each one, regardless of which aspect you choose to unlock. Choosing your aspect is really up to you and which weapons you prefer.

Once this has been done, you will have to speak with specific characters for each one and unlock the first one below before being able to unlock the others.

Aspect of Guan Yu

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The Aspect of Guan Yu is connected with the Eternal Spear and is unlocked by speaking with Achilles in the House of Hades. Luckily, he is frequently there, so be sure to talk with him every chance you get between runs. Once you have spoken with him enough times, he will mention seeing a great, bearded warrior and a specific phrase that has to be spoken to the spear.

Zag will remember the phrase for you, so just head to Skelly’s Room, equip the spear, approach the orb, and hit Reveal to unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu.

Aspect of Arthur

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This aspect is connected to the Stygian Blade and will be unlocked by speaking with Nyx. Just like Achilles, Nyx is almost always in the House of Hades, and you just need to keep playing and speaking with her every time you can to eventually unlock the dialogue.

In this dialogue, she will mention a weapon to Zagreus and tell him a phrase that he needs to say to the blade in Skelly’s Room. Luckily, Zag will remember this himself and all you need to do is approach the weapon, equip it, and hit Reveal.

Aspect of Rama

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The Aspect of Rama is connected with the Heart-Seeking Bow and will require you to speak with Artemis. Artemis is not a character that you will find in the House of Hades, as she instead serves as one of the Gods of Olympus who will give you boons to help you out on the battlefield. We recommend unlocking her keepsake to improve your odds of interacting with her on your runs.

Like the others, just keep speaking with her as much as you can, and she will eventually give you the phrase for the bow. Just head to Skelly’s Room and do the revealing procedure.

Aspect of Gilgamesh

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You can change up the Twin Fists with this Aspect, and it will be unlocked by speaking with Asterius, the Minotaur, in Elysium. You will have to engage with him in his mini-boss form that occurs before his boss fight at the end of the area. Just keep fighting him, and after each fight, he will speak with you for a bit, eventually giving you the Aspect’s phrase.

Just take this phrase to Skelly’s Room and unlock this Aspect for the Fists.

Aspect of Lucifer

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The Aspect of Lucifer is connected to the Adamant Rail and will require you to talk to the big man himself, Zeus, to unlock it. Just like with Artemis, he isn’t in the House of Hades and you will need to interact with him during your runs by taking his boons he gives you. Keep doing this as much as you can (use his Keepsake once unlocked), and he will eventually give you the phrase.

You know what to do from there.

Aspect of Beowulf

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Connected with the Shield of Chaos, the Aspect of Beowulf requires you to speak with Chaos. As another character that you need to interact with during your runs, Chaos will occasionally open a portal to have you meet with him after an Encounter. Just keep speaking with him when you can and he will give you the phrase.

Take this to Skelly’s Room and change up the Shield of Chaos.