How to unlock and complete Pony Express missions in Saints Row

Cops are everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled.

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If you want to be successful in Saints Row, you will want to start doing a few side hustles. Side hustles are missions that will get you extra cash, XP, and the occasional item. These missions are pretty short, but boy, are they worth it. One of the various side hustles you can complete is Pony Express missions. These missions require you to transport cargo in a fast and efficient manner. Just do your best to avoid the cops while you complete it.

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Where to start Pony Express missions | North Badlands location

Way up in the northwestern part of the map, you will find the first Pony Express mission in the game. This area is called the North Badlands, a massive desert with sand as far as the eye can see.

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You will find an NPC at the location who will start the Pony Express mission. Complete the mission, and you will have access to more of them around the map. Some of them will even get you additional cars for your garage if you complete them.

How to complete Pony Express missions

Pony Express missions are pretty straightforward. They require you to carry a package from point A to point B. Of course, nothing is that simple for a member of the Saints. To start a Pony Express mission, talk to Emilio at one of his locations.

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When the mission begins, you will be placed in a pre-selected vehicle. The mission marker will show up on your screen as well as the minimap. Your goal is to get to the drop-off location within the time limit. The time limit is usually two minutes.

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As you make your way to the drop-off location, you will see circles on your minimap to indicate where the police are. Your goal is to avoid the areas where the police are. If you don’t, they will start chasing you, and you will have to deal with them as you make your way to the drop location. Don’t worry; you can sideswipe the cops and use nitrous to escape them. If you reach the drop-off location with the cops still on your tail, you will need to take them out to complete the mission.