How To Unlock and Use Web Wings In Spider-Man 2

Here is how to unlock and use the new Web Wings in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to help you get from one side of New York to the other.


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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers players a ton of new skills and a bigger version of New York which we haven’t seen in a Spider-Man game before. To help explore this new and improved rendition of the city, players can use the new Web Wings feature to glide across the streets of New York.

Naturally, players may be wondering how to unlock and use this new ability, along with which upgrades to go for if you’re looking to make the most out of this tool. We’ve put together this guide with all the details on how to unlock and use the Web Wings in Spider-Man 2.

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How To Unlock Web Wings In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Thankfully, there is no need to do anything complicated or additional missions to unlock the Web Wings since you will get them during the opening mission of the main story. Once you have them, both versions of Spider-Man can use Web Wings whenever they want and on every suit. You should make good use of them, not only because they look cool, but because they make getting around the city much more fun and easier, especially when crossing large areas or water.

How To Use Web Wings In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

To use the Web Wings, press the triangle button while you are swinging around or in free fall, and you will deploy the wings and begin gliding. You can control your direction using the left analog stick, which will also allow you to dive down and up to help build speed and height, similarly to how you would with web swinging. You can also use the Web-Zip (X button) move to give yourself a boost and keep yourself going if you find yourself slowing down or losing altitude.

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On top of that, you can find wind tunnels all around the city, which you can glide into and pick up a lot of speed while retaining altitude or boost you up into the air, so you can keep gliding all you like. You can see these by the wind effects found over roads, or by scanning an area with R3, highlighting the tunnels in green.

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All Web Wing Upgrades In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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While the Web Wings are pretty good by default, they have several upgrades that improve their capabilities, which can be unlocked in the Traversal section of the Suit Tech tab. The upgrades are as follows:

Amazing Wings170 x Tech Parts
1 x Rare Tech Part
This upgrade allows you to glide for longer using the Web Wings.
Spectacular Wings220 x Tech Parts
5 x Rare Tech Part
Increase your turn speed with Web Wings, making it easier to handle.
Ultimate Wings230 x Tech Parts
6 x Rare Tech Part
Activate Web Wings during a dive, and you’ll get a massive speed boost.