How to unlock Aspects and Fragments in Destiny 2

Time for the real game to open up.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

Not only is Stasis the latest addition to Destiny 2. Players can also look forward to the addition of Aspects and Fragments. These items will modify a player’s subclass, changing their playstyle and giving them unique approaches and more creativity to how they want to focus on their Guardian. But even after the Beyond Light expansion campaign is over, players won’t immediately have access to these new features. You have to unlock them by completing new content pieces and covering a lot of ground with several new quests.

How to unlock Aspects

The first unlock players want to work on is Aspects. This requires a player to go down several quests provided by new characters in Beyond Light. The first series of quests you want to go through are the Born in Darkness ones, provided by the Exo Stranger. Once you complete the Beyond Light story, take out Eramis, fast travel to the Beyond landing point, and speak to the Exo Stranger. She’ll give you the first Born in Darkness quest, but that’s not over. There’s a part 2 and a part 3 you need to complete. Go through them at your own pace.

After you complete the first Born in Darkness quest, you’ll receive the Aspect of Control quest. However, you won’t complete it until you work on other quests, and receive a specific exotic, so hold onto it.

Once you have those, the next quest you need to work on involves Variks. It’s primarily about clearing up Europa from the Fallen that followed Eramis. The quest you want to do is Reclaiming Europa, followed by Fallen Empire, Defeat a Dark Priestess, and then you need to work on Stasis Prototype, which you need to grab from The Drifter, who is back at the tower. Grab that quest, finish it up, and then you’ll receive the exotic Salvation’s Grip, and you can finally return to Aspect of Control.

By completing the Aspect of Control, you will receive your first Aspect for your Stasis subclass. You can try it out and see how it fits. But after that, you might be looking around the map, trying to figure out what to do next. Plus, you now have access to fragments, but none to add to your armor.

How to unlock Fragments

For those looking for the next step, you need to return to the Beyond landing point and speak to the Exo Stranger. She’ll have new dialogue, and she’ll have new quests for you to obtain. Each week, you’ll have the chance to complete two of the three chosen quests to receive fragments. That’s two fragments per week, so you have to keep up with it and return to the Exo Stranger to make it a regular rotation in your Destiny 2 routine.

The three quests you can choose from can be Crucible, Strike, or Gambit focused. It’ll be a different quest, but it’ll require to complete its specific steps in your chosen playlist.