How to unlock Bad to the Blade in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Pick yourself up a badass new ride.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Wheels Unleashed is packed with cars to unlock. Some of these are tied to Blind Boxes, others are unlocked through the game’s story, and more still have treasure hunts associated with them. This guide explains how you can get the Bad to the blade car for your collection.

How to get Bad to the Blade

Bad to the Blade is similar to Motosaurus in that you unlock it through the story. It’s one of the few cars linked to secrets in the story, so you must pick it up at some point in your journey. To get it, you need to follow the path of races that follow the road to the right on the main map. The road that leads down just before you reach Motosuarus leads to Bad to the Blade.

The car is fast but only has a single point in braking power. This is absolutely dreadful, but it can be upgraded to three points in braking power for 500 Gears, but you’ll lose Boost. You can’t upgrade the car any more than that, though. If you’ve been opening all the Blind Boxes you’ve collected so far, you may have picked up a car that’s just as good with a little more braking power, such as the Veloci-Racer. Alternatively, upgrading Motosaurus for 500 Gears gives you a car with far superior stats and two points of Boost instead of one.