How to unlock characters and avatars in Bonelab

Change up your look.

Image via Stress Level Zero

Bonelabs has a lot of content for players to unlock in its VR world, with one of the newest additions being avatar features. During gameplay, you’ll be able to quickly swap between different avatars who have different stats that will change up your playstyle. On top of that, they’ll open up plenty of customization. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to unlock new characters and avatars in Bonelab.

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Where to find new characters and avatars in Bonelab

To unlock characters and avatars you’ll need to progress through the Story Mode, and to do so you’ll need to do a couple of things first. Once you start the game and make your way through a few levels, you’ll come across orbs that appear above each level’s door. When you complete the level, the orb will turn orange and allow you to progress.

In the Central hub, there will be a flight of stairs that leads you to a crane machine with the orbs inside. You’ll need to use this to get the orbs out. To use the machine you’ll need batteries, which you can find during the introductory sequence of the game. Once it’s activated, use the machine to grab the orbs and place them on a nearby pedestal near the crane machine. After placing three orbs, the huge quarantine doors will open, and with it, the full game and campaign will become available. From here you simply play through the game’s story mode and as you progress, you will unlock avatars and characters to use. There are six pages of avatars to unlock, so it’s going to take quite a bit of playtime to get them all.

How to get the hidden characters and avatars in Bonelab

There are also some hidden avatars you can find in the Main Hub area after you’ve completed the campaign. These look like small, blue balls that you crack open to unlock new avatars. They can be found on the top right pillar next to the Boneworks door, in the dumpster in front of the parkour door, and on top of the elevator. If you prefer, you can even go ahead and try creating your own custom avatar or content for the game if you fancy giving modding a try.